KPC Managing Director Joe Sang attends the Africa CEO Forum


Kenya Pipeline MD Mr Joe Sang is attending the Africa CEO Forum, in Rwanda. The 2- day forum is being attended by 2,000 delegates drawn from across the world.

Mr. Sang is scheduled to take part in roundtable discussion; “Africa Goes Digital: How Can Businesses Gain?” on Friday . The session will focus on the digital transformation of Africa and the opportunities it presents.

The forum also serves as a platform for Mr. Sang to articulate KPC’s pivotal role in Africa’s ongoing development narrative. Through a series of media interviews, he is set to illuminate the company’s strategic vision, outlining how KPC’s initiatives align with the broader objectives of economic growth and sustainability.

In tandem with these discussions, the KPC Foundation has been honored with induction into the Africa Corporate Philanthropy Leaders Initiative (ACPLI). This coalition of leaders and practitioners from a spectrum of industries is championing a unified approach to corporate giving in Africa. The ACPLI is at the forefront of advocating for innovative partnerships and funding strategies that significantly enhance the impact of philanthropic activities.

The commitment of these leading executives to a collective mission of driving sustainable development is a testament to the transformative power of collaborative effort. Their pledge to foster a shared vision for progress is a beacon of hope for the continent’s future.

Furthermore, Mr. Sang is expected to feature in a series of media interviews. He will shed light on KPC role in Africa’s development and discuss the company’s strategic vision for the future.

In a related development, Mr. Sang engaged with Assimper, the Association of Petroleum Importers of Rwanda, at the Kigali Serena Hotel. This meeting is part of KPC’s market storm initiatives aimed at reclaiming and strengthening its foothold in the Rwandan market.