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KPC has moved to secure all its depots and stations in the wake of the coronavirus disease outbreak that has claimed over 3,000 lives in several countries around the world since the disease was first reported in Wuhan, China, on 31 December 2019.
Following this outbreak, World Health Organization (WHO) has raised the assessment for the attack to very high globally but assures the worried world that containment is still possible.
In a statement to all staff, KPC acting Managing Director Disterius Nyandika said that in line with President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Executive Order No. 2 of 2020 issued on Friday, 28th February 2020 establishing the National Emergency Response Committee on Coronavirus to upscale Kenya’s level of preparedness and capacity to prevent, respond to and contain this global threat, KPC has an obligation to comply with that order by securing all her installations across the country against this global threat.
“The Extended Leadership Team will be meeting periodically to review the corporate preparedness to the disease and report to our Board of Directors for support required,” Nyandika told Kenpipe News adding that a sub-committee of the Extended Leadership Team chaired by Ag. General Manager (HR & Admin) Mr. Thomas Ngira and deputized by Safety and Heath Manager Ms. Beatrice Orgut has been constituted to monitor the situation, analyse evolving risks and devise prompt action.
The sub-committee comprises Heads of Departments from Human Resources; Safety, Health, Environment, and Quality Assurance; Communications; Finance; Customer Relations and Marketing; Operations; Procurement and Security.
Ms Orgut told Kenpipe News that the KPC coronavirus response strategy is geared towards preventing any infections now that no case has been reported in Kenya yet.
“KPC operates one of the most extensive pipeline-based petroleum distribution and storage network in Sub-Sahara Africa with 8 depots and several pump stations. Our staff in all these installations have been mainstreamed into our coronavirus response strategy,” she said.
“Depot managers and station controllers have been directed to form and chair sub-committees in their respective depots and stations and their issues as far this outbreak is concerned will be prioritized,” the acting MD added in his statement.
The company has already procured requisite protective gear including masks and hand sanitizers which have been dispatched to the depots and stations. To ensure that all staff are fully aware of the outbreak, a communication strategy on periodic updates to staff and other stakeholders on precautionary measures on the coronavirus outbreak has been put in place.
“Please note that our business remains resilient and measures have been taken to ensure that the supply chain disruptions in the global arena do not negatively impact on our operations. We wish to assure you that all our depots and stations are secured and the situation in all our entry points is being monitored closely,” Nyandika assured the staff.
“KPC Management will continue to work with relevant government agencies led by the National Emergency Response Committee to ensure that the country is free from the possible spread of the Coronavirus,” the statement concluded.
Over 95,000 cases of coronavirus, also known as Covid-19, cases and over 3,000 deaths have been reported around the world.