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Procurement Plan Description of Goods Unit Quantity Procurement Method Section
CapitalTreadmill EA4RestrictedAdmin GA
CapitalSteam Generators (1No. For Ladies, 1No. For Gents)EA2RFQAdmin GA
CapitalAssorted Furniture LSLSOpenAdministration
CapitalProposed Construction of New Building Block at PS9LSLSOpenCivil Engineering & Building
CapitalCivil Rehabilitation Works at PS10 Tank FarmLSLSOpenCivil Engineering & Building
CapitalMiritini FencingLSLSOpenCivil Engineering & Building
CapitalCompanywide SignageLSLSRestricted Civil Engineering & Building
CapitalConstruction of an emergency exit(Gate & Pathway) at PS12LSLSRFQCivil Engineering & Building
CapitalConstruction of fire tender shed for PS27 fire tenderLSLSRFQCivil Engineering & Building
CapitalStores Junk Yard PS25 & 28LSLSRFQCivil Engineering & Building
Capital Completion of PS 9 Fence LSLSRestricted Civil Engineering & Building
CapitalHeavy Duty Washing Machine with Drier flat bedEA1RFQClinic
CapitalHeavy duty wheel chairs EA2RFQClinic
CapitalOffice cabinetsEA2RFQClinic
CapitalMinus 20 Laboratory FreezerEA1RFQClinic
CapitalAluminium Stepping StoolsEA6RFQClinic
CapitalAluminium Foldable LaddersEA2RFQClinic
CapitalFetal doppler machne EA1RFQClinic
CapitalErgonomic/straight back Guest type side Chairs that are easy to cleanEA2TBCClinic
CapitalComfortable 2 or 3 seater sofaEA2TBCClinic
CapitalTowel WarmerEA2TBCClinic
CapitalCabinet/ storage spacesEA2TBCClinic
CapitalTable/ counter topEA2TBCClinic
Capital Ten Cubic Meters Capcity FastankEA2RFQCorrosion
CapitalKPC MuseumLSLSRestrictedCorporate Communication
CapitalProcurement of Cameras & Video Camera LSLSRFQCorporate Communication
CapitalSupply, Installation and Commissioning of MV Switchboard at PS24BLSLSOpenElectrical
CapitalPS 23 Switchboards upgradeLSLSOpenElectrical
CapitalProvision of Redundant Power Supply to PS14 (KOSF)LSLSOpenElectrical
CapitalBoom lift with a mobile truckLSLSOpenElectrical
CapitalUpgrade of PS12 KP Power SupplyLSLSOpenElectrical
CapitalScissor lift (hybrid) LSLSOpenElectrical
CapitalSupply of new Main Line Motor for PS22LSLSOpenElectrical
CapitalSupply Installation and Commissioning of AC units at PS 1, 12,14,3,5,7,8,10,21A/B, 24, 27 & 28.LSLSOpenElectrical
CapitalSupply, installation and commissioning of 48V DC UPS for PS24 Line 2 MV panel and 33KV SwitchyardLSLSRestrictedElectrical
CapitalSuppy, Testing and Connection in Soaking Mode of Spare 200kVA 3.3kV/415V Power Transformer for Line 2 & Line 4LSLSRestrictedElectrical
CapitalSupply of Electrical Tools and other EquipmentLSLSOpenElectrical
CapitalSupply of crane EA1OpenFleet Maintenance
CapitalMobile Firefighting equipmentNO12RestrictedHealth, Safety and Environment
CapitalFire Hose CabinetsNO20RestrictedHealth, Safety and Environment
CapitalLabel PrintersNO4RestrictedHealth, Safety and Environment
CapitalDigital Flip ChartNO1RestrictedHealth, Safety and Environment
CapitalPressure vessels complete with 1 HP pump NO2RestrictedHealth, Safety and Environment
CapitalProcurement of Laptops and Desktop ComputersLSLSOpen Information Communication and Technology
CapitalProcurement of Printers, Projectors and Tablets/I-PADs /RuggedLSLSOpen Information Communication and Technology
CapitalSupply, delivery and Construction of FOC Spurlinks to DatacentresLSLSOpen Information Communication and Technology
CapitalLaptop for Volleyball Data Softeware EA1RFQInformation Communication and Technology
CapitalVolleyball Data Softeware EA1RFQInformation Communication and Technology
CapitalHigh Resolution Video Camera EA1RFQInformation Communication and Technology
CapitalBaggage ScannersLSLSOpen Instrumentation and Control
CapitalI&C Spares and equipmentLSLSOpen Instrumentation and Control
CapitalVHF Network Equipment and RadiosLSLSOpen Instrumentation and Control
CapitalPS 10 ESDV system intergrationLSLSOpen Instrumentation and Control
CapitalSupply of Fully Loaded Maintenance ToolboxesLSLSRestricted Instrumentation and Control
CapitalSupply, Installation and Commisioning of UPS at PS 25 (Nakuru Depot)LSLSOpen Instrumentation and Control
CapitalGE Meters LSLSOpen Instrumentation and Control
CapitalHeavy duty Document ShredderEA1RFQInternal Audit
CapitalFire TenderEA1OpenKPRL
Capital Industrial Vacuum Tanker (Gulley Sucker)EA1OpenKPRL
CapitalReplacement of utilities air compressor EA1OpenKPRL
CapitalReplacement of 3 Primary and 3 Disaster Recovery Data Centres Servers, 6 LAN Base POE Switches and Associated DevicesLSLSOpenKPRL
CapitalReplacement of Automatic Distillation UnitsEA3OpenKPRL
CapitalRepalcement of AGO Cold Filter Plugging Point CFPP AnalyserLSLSOpenKPRL
CapitalReplacement of Automatic Density MeterLSLSRestrictedKPRL
CapitalReplacement of Mercaptan Sulphur TitratorLSLSRestrictedKPRL
CapitalStaff Parking ShedsLSLSRFQKPRL
CapitalReplacement of 30 Enterprise Desktop Computers complete with Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) UnitsEA30RestrictedKPRL
CapitalReplacement of Hydrogen gas generatorLSLSRestrictedKPRL
CapitalPurchase of 100Nos Office chairs; 2pc Executive chairs; 6pcs Management Chairs High back; 21pcs High back Chairs for HODs; 50pcs Midback Chairs for Supervisors; 32pc visitors Chairs; 2pcs Coffee tables for ReceptionLSLSRFQKPRL
CapitalSupply installation testing and commissioning of 5 Ton Overhead cranesEA2Open Mechanical
CapitalSupply, Installation and Commissioning of Overhead Gantry Crane for PS09EA1Open Mechanical
CapitalSupply of Truck Loading Positive Displacement MetersEA12Open Mechanical
CapitalSupply of Materials and fabrication of Line V Service Platforms and Ladders for the overhead CraneLSLSOpen Mechanical
CapitalSupply of Condition Monitoring Kits and Training on the use of the KitsEA1Open Mechanical
CapitalSupply of 5No. 2Ton. capacity dumpers hydraulic for use in maintenance work at PS10, PS25, PS27, PS28 and PS14EA5Open Mechanical
CapitalSupply, Installation and Commissioning of fire hydrant deluge valve complete with accessories for PS27 new bottom loading facilityLSLSRestrictedMechanical
CapitalSupply of Tank Fuel Conditioning unit for diesel driven enginesEA1RestrictedMechanical
CapitalSupply of 200L, 5.5HP Air CompressorEA2RFQMechanical
CapitalSupply of Assorted Station Valves YR2023/24LSLSOpenMechanical
CapitalMotor Vehicle Diagnostic and maintenance toolsLSLSRFQMechanical
CapitalSupply of Welding GeneratorsLSLSOpen Mechanical
CapitalSupply of high-capacity Portable diesel driven pump and reinforced HosesLSLSOpen Mechanical
CapitalSupply of Anti-Static Additive (ASA) Dosing Pumps for PS9 and PS 12LSLSRFQMechanical
CapitalSupply and delivery of Drilling Rig set and test pumping equipmentLSLSOpen Mechanical
Capital Welding sheds for NairobiLSLSOpen MIOG
CapitalUniversal Milling Machine c/w 4sets of ToolsEA2Restricted MIOG
CapitalUniversal lathe Machine c/w 4sets toolsEA2Restricted MIOG
CapitalCylindrical Grinding MachineEA2Restricted MIOG
CapitalCar Sheds at MIOG Nairobi and EldoretLSLSRFQMIOG
CapitalCisco wireless indoor & outdoor access pointsEA12RFQMIOG
CapitalWorkshop Tool KitEA2RFQMIOG
CapitalTraining Equipment -Arc welding machine(Stick) EA10RFQMIOG
CapitalLibrary furnitureLSLSRFQMIOG
CapitalAccess ControlEA10RFQMIOG
CapitalLaptop ComputersEA6RFQMIOG
CapitalOil Pipeline Laboratory microscopyLSLSRFQMIOG
CapitalHeavy duty printer for certificatesEA1RFQMIOG
CapitalCisco Entry Level PoE Network Access SwitchEAEARFQMIOG
CapitalCisco IP PhonesEA9RFQMIOG
CapitalDigital camera (Video)LSLSRFQMIOG
CapitalDigital camera (stills)LSLSRFQMIOG
CapitalNetwork EquipmentEA1RFQMIOG
CapitalThermal Binding MachineLSLSRFQMIOG
CapitalComputer Service & Maintenance Tool kitsLSLSRFQMIOG
CapitalSupply of 3No Firefighting training smoke generatorsEA3RFQMIOG
CapitalRepair, resealing and 50mm Type II AC Overlay in internal tarmacke roadLSLSRestricted MTCC
CapitalBuffet CounterNO1Restricted MTCC
CapitalCommercial Printer( Hp Lasergetenterprice Mfp 830 Colour)EA1RFQMTCC
CapitalReplacement of the worn out suspended ceiling at the GymLSLSRFQMTCC
Capital2 Door Deep FreezerLSLSRFQMTCC
Capital6 Burner Gas Cooker With Electrc OvenLSLSRFQMTCC
CapitalCottages sofasLSLSRFQMTCC
Capital2 Door RefrigeratorLSLSRFQMTCC
Capital2 Burner High Pressure Gas CookerEA1RFQMTCC
CapitalGypsum for cottage corridorsLSLSRFQMTCC
CapitalCoffee tables for cottages with stoolsLSLSRFQMTCC
CapitalSlip free rubber at the GymEA1RFQMTCC
CapitalCommercial BlenderEA1RFQMTCC
CapitalDeep fryerEA1RFQMTCC
CapitalPlanetary MixerEA1RFQMTCC
CapitalBone SawEA1RFQMTCC
CapitalOthopaedic ChairsLSLSRFQMTCC
CapitalLobby seats 9 seaterLSLSRFQMTCC
CapitalPlate WarmerEA1RFQMTCC
CapitalTea TrolleysLSLSRFQMTCC
CapitalPony Steam Iron With Iron BoardEA1RFQMTCC
CapitalSoup TureensLSLSRFQMTCC
CapitalOffice printersLSRFQMTCC
Capital5Ton Diesel propelled ForkliftEA1Restricted Procurement
Capital40ft Refurbished container complete with compartments and racksEA4RestrictedProcurement
CapitalHeavy Duty ShredderEA2RFQProcurement
CapitalDigital Weighing Scale Machine EA4RFQProcurement
Capital120L Trolleys for use in the stores EA6RFQProcurement
Capital7 Step Aluminium Ladder for use in the store EA6RFQProcurement
CapitalManual Comb Binding Machine EA2RFQProcurement
CapitalPS 10 Line V OWS OperationalizationLS3Open TenderProjects
CapitalSmart Auto distillation equipmentEA6OpenQuality Control
CapitalMicro seperometerEA1OpenQuality Control
CapitalFatty Acid Methyl Ester (FAME) testing equipmentEA1OpenQuality Control
CapitalExistent gum AssemblyEA2Restricted Quality Control
CapitalPensky martens AutomaticEA3Restricted Quality Control
CapitalFume hood assembly installationEA1Restricted Quality Control
CapitalManual distillation equipmentEA4RFQQuality Control
CapitalBiological oxygen demand (BOD) testing equipmentEA1RFQQuality Control
CapitalColor Comparator -Lovibond Nessleriser 2250 complete with 2 no. glass tubes and color comparator discs (0-30 ,30-70& 70-250)EA1RFQQuality Control
CapitalPhenol Test Kit/sensorEA1RFQQuality Control
CapitalDissolved Sulphide MonitorEA1RFQQuality Control
CapitalTotal Suspended Solids (turbidity) MeterEA1RFQQuality Control
CapitalLaboratory FreezerEA3RFQQuality Control
CapitalAbel Semi-automatic Flash Point EquipmentEA5RFQQuality Control
CapitalMicroseparometersEA6OpenQuality Control
CapitalIsothermal CalibratorEA2RFQQuality Control
CapitalUV-Visible SpectrophotometerEA1RestrictedQuality Control
CapitalJet Fuel Thermal Oxidation Tester (JFTOT)EA3OpenQuality Control
CapitalAutomatic Oil & Grease Testing Machine (Infrared Spectrometer)EA1RestrictedQuality Control
CapitalAbel Semi-automatic Flash Point EquipmentEA5RestrictedQuality Control
CapitalManual Distillation MachineEARestrictedQuality Control
CapitalSemi-automatic AGO flashpoint EquipmentEA3RFQQuality Control
CapitalCopper CorrosionEA1RFQQuality Control
CapitalDesign,manufacture and installation prestressed concrete aerial markers with engraved numbers along the wayleaveLSOpenRight of Way
Capital2No. High resolution pipeline locatorEA2RestrictedRight of Way
CapitalHandheld GPS data loggersLSLSRestrictedRight of Way
Capital3No. Assorted motorized handheld specialized chainsaws EA3RFQRight of Way
Inventory Mechanical SparesLOTLOTOpen/Restricted/RFQMechanical
Inventory Additives & ChemicalsLOTLOTOpen/Restricted/RFQQuality Control
Inventory I & C? SparesLOTLOTOpen/Restricted/RFQInstruementation and Control
Inventory Electrical SparesLOTLOTOpen/Restricted/RFQElectrical
Inventory Filtration ElementsLOTLOTOpen/Restricted/RFQQuality Control
Inventory StationeryLOTLOTFramework/RFQAdministration
Inventory Lubricating OilsLOTLOTDirect/RFQDiesel Plant
Inventory Clinic Drugs and Lab ReagentsLOTLOTRestricted/RFQClinic
Inventory General Stores & ToolsLOTLOTOpen/Restricted/RFQAll
Inventory Vehicle SparesLOTLOTDirect/RFQMotor Vehicle
Inventory Corrosion ControlLOTLOTRestricted/RFQCorrosion Control
Inventory Civil Hardware & MaterialsLOTLOTOpen/Restricted/RFQCivil
Inventory Safety Gears & ConsumableLOTLOTRFQHealth, Safety and Environment
Inventory Lab Chem & GlassWare-Quality ControlLOTLOTRFQQuality Control
Inventory Fire foam and ChemicalsLOTLOTRFQHealth, Safety and Environment
Multi Year Development of LPG Bulk Import Handling and Storage Facilities at PS15LSLSOpen International Project
Multi Year Construction of tanks and Inter-tank flowrate enhancement in Western Kenya DepotsLSLSOpen International Project
Multi Year Development of LPG Bulk Import Handling and Storage Facilities at PS15LSLSOpen International Project
Multi Year Construction of tanks and Inter-tank flowrate enhancement in Western Kenya DepotsLSLSOpen International Project
Multi Year Rehabilitation of PS14 fire fighting system (Fire Pumps, pipework and related facilities)EA3Open NationalMechanical
Multi Year Supply and Installation of Drain tank Complete with Accessories PS 27 and PS 28LSLSOpen NationalMechanical
Multi Year Supply of Re-injection Pumps - PS10LSLSOpen NationalMechanical
Multi Year Master Meter Proving Systems for KOSF, Konza, KOJ and Mainline (Description will need to change) user to give amount for the second yearLSLSOpen NationalInstruementation and Control
Multi Year Fire Detection, Alarm and Suppression System for KPC Stations and Depots PS 01, 12, 14, 09, 10, 25, 27, 28 and LINE 5.LSLSOpen NationalInstruementation and Control
Multi Year Automatic Tank Gauging (ATG) SystemLSLSOpen NationalInstruementation and Control
Multi Year PS12, PS27 & PS28 UPS Upgrade ProjectLSLSOpen NationalInstruementation and Control
Multi Year Fuel facs upgrade PS9,PS25,PS27 & PS28LSLSOpen NationalInstruementation and Control
Multi Year Pipeline Intrusion Detection System (IDS)LSLSOpen NationalInstruementation and Control
Multi Year Supply of 4No. Spare Power Transformers for Line 2, Line 4, and Line 5 and Line 5LSLSOpen NationalElectrical
Multi Year Upgrade of power supply to Kisumu Depot (PS28)LSLSOpen NationalElectrical
Multi Year Repair and Installation of Aluminium Dome Roof on Jet Tank 14-TK-501 at PS 14 Kipevu DepotLSLSOpen/Framework Corrosion Control
Multi Year Relocation of fire stores from Tanks farms (PS 14,PS 5,PS 10,PS9,PS25,PS26,PS27 and PS 28)LSLSOpen/Framework Health, Safety and Environment
Multi Year Construction of Oil spill containemnt DamsLSLSOpen/Framework Health, Safety and Environment
Multi Year Replacement of Line 5 Kiboko river crossing LSLSOpen NationalCivil
Recurrent BOD Retreats LSLSRFQBoard of Directors
Recurrent Directors General ExpensesLSLSRFQBoard of Directors
Recurrent Stationery ItemsLSLSFrameworkBoard of Directors
Recurrent Hire of Motor VehicleLSLSRFQManaging Director
Recurrent General Supplies &ToolsLSLSRFQManaging Director
Recurrent Stationery ItemsLSLSFrameworkManaging Director
Recurrent Stationery ItemsLSLSFrameworkGM Finance
Recurrent General Supplies &ToolsLSLSRFQGM Finance
Recurrent General Operating Expenses (Emergency)LSLSOpen/Framwork/Restricted/Direct/RFQGM Operations and Maintenance
Recurrent Stationery ItemsLSLSFramework GM Operations and Maintenance
Recurrent General Supplies &ToolsLSLSRFQGM Operations and Maintenance
Recurrent Stationery ItemsLSLSFrameworkGM HR and Administration
Recurrent General Supplies &ToolsLSLSRFQGM HR and Administration
Recurrent Stationery ItemsLSLSFrameworkGM Infrastructure
Recurrent General Supplies &ToolsLSLSRFQ GM Infrastructure
Recurrent Stationery ItemsLSLSFrameworkGM Strategy
Recurrent General Supplies &ToolsLSLSRFQGM Strategy
Recurrent Stationery ItemsLSLSFrameworkGM Audit
Recurrent General Supplies &ToolsLSLSRFQGM Audit
Recurrent Stationery ItemsLSLSFrameworkGM Supply Chain
Recurrent General Supplies &ToolsLSLSRFQGM Supply Chain
Recurrent Stationery ItemsLSLSFrameworkDirector MIOG
Recurrent General Supplies &ToolsLSLSRFQDirector MIOG
Recurrent Stationery ItemsLSLSFrameworkGM Legal Services
Recurrent General Supplies &ToolsLSLSRFQGM Legal Services
Recurrent Stationery ItemsLSLSFrameworkCorporate Finance Manager
Recurrent General Supplies &ToolsLSLSRFQCorporate Finance Manager
Recurrent Stationery ItemsLSLSFrameworkOperations Manager
Recurrent General Supplies &ToolsLSLSRFQOperations Manager
Recurrent Stationery ItemsLSLSFrameworkMaintenance Manager
Recurrent General Supplies &ToolsLSLSRFQMaintenance Manager
Recurrent Stationery ItemsLSLSFrameworkInternal Audit Manager
Recurrent General Supplies &ToolsLSLSRFQInternal Audit Manager
Recurrent Stationery ItemsLSLSFrameworkCorporate Planning Manager
Recurrent General Supplies &ToolsLSLSRFQCorporate Planning Manager
Recurrent Stationery ItemsLSLSFrameworkHuman Resource Manager
Recurrent General Supplies &ToolsLSLSRFQHuman Resource Manager
Recurrent Stationery ItemsLSLSFrameworkLegal Manager
Recurrent General Supplies &ToolsLSLSRFQLegal Manager
Recurrent Stationery ItemsLSLSFrameworkInformation Technology Manager
Recurrent General Supplies &ToolsLSLSRFQInformation Technology Manager
Recurrent Stationery ItemsLSLSFrameworkProcurment Manager
Recurrent General Supplies &ToolsLSLSRFQProcurment Manager
Recurrent Stationery ItemsLSLSFrameworkFacilities Manager
Recurrent General Supplies &ToolsLSLSRFQFacilities Manager
Recurrent Stationery ItemsLSLSFrameworkCustomer Relations and Marketing Manager
Recurrent General Supplies &ToolsLSLSRFQCustomer Relations and Marketing Manager
Recurrent Stationery ItemsLSLSFrameworkCorporate Communication Manager
Recurrent General Supplies &ToolsLSLSRFQCorporate Communication Manager
Recurrent Stationery ItemsLSLSFrameworkSecurity Manager
Recurrent General Supplies &ToolsLSLSRFQSecurity Manager
Recurrent Stationery ItemsLSLSFrameworkSafety, Health Environment and Quality Assurance Manager
Recurrent General Supplies &ToolsLSLSRFQSafety, Health Environment and Quality Assurance Manager
Recurrent Stationery ItemsLSLSFrameworkProject Construction Manager
Recurrent General Supplies &ToolsLSLSRFQProject Construction Manager
Recurrent Stationery ItemsLSLSFrameworkProject Manager (Special Projects
Recurrent General Supplies &ToolsLSLSRFQProject Manager (Special Projects
Recurrent Stationery ItemsLSLSFrameworkRevenue and Accounting Manager
Recurrent General Supplies &ToolsLSLSRFQRevenue and Accounting Manager
Recurrent Stationery ItemsLSLSFrameworkDeputy Director MIOG(Research and Innovation
Recurrent General Supplies &ToolsLSLSRFQDeputy Director MIOG(Research and Innovation
Recurrent Stationery ItemsLSLSFrameworkDeputy Director MIOG(Training and Academic Linkages
Recurrent General Supplies &ToolsLSLSRFQDeputy Director MIOG(Training and Academic Linkages
Recurrent Stationery ItemsLSLSFrameworkEnterprises Risk Manager
Recurrent General Supplies &ToolsLSLSRFQEnterprises Risk Manager
Recurrent Stationery ItemsLSLSFrameworkFoundation Manager
Recurrent General Supplies &ToolsLSLSRFQFoundation Manager
Recurrent Stationery ItemsLSLSFrameworkQuality control Manager
Recurrent General Supplies &ToolsLSLSRFQQuality control Manager
Recurrent Stationery ItemsLSLSFrameworkSupply and Logistics Manager
Recurrent General Supplies &ToolsLSLSRFQSupply and Logistics Manager
Recurrent Stationery ItemsLSLSFrameworkPPRD Manager
Recurrent General Supplies &ToolsLSLSRFQPPRD Manager
Recurrent Stationery ItemsLSLSFrameworkExecutive Assitance (MD)
Recurrent General Supplies &ToolsLSLSRFQExecutive Assitance (MD)
Recurrent Stationery ItemsLSLSFrameworkAirwing Manager
Recurrent General Supplies &ToolsLSLSRFQAirwing Manager
Recurrent General InsuranceLSLSOpen Accounts - General Ledger
Recurrent Group Life InsuranceLSLSRFPAccounts - General Ledger
Recurrent Consultancy LSLSRFPAccounts - General Ledger
Recurrent Stationery ItemsLSLSFrameworkAccounts - General Ledger
Recurrent General Supplies &ToolsLSLSRFQAccounts - General Ledger
Recurrent Budgeting process retreat and Preparation of annual accountsLSLSRestricted Accounts Management
Recurrent Annual Accounts PublishingLSLSRestricted Accounts Management
Recurrent Government and inter-agency relations (Conference & Give- away Packs)LSLSRFQAccounts Management
Recurrent Team building LSLSRFQAccounts Management
Recurrent Stationery ItemsLSLSFrameworkAccounts Management
Recurrent General Supplies &ToolsLSLSRFQAccounts Management
Recurrent Tax ConsultancyLSLSOpen /RestrictedAccounts Payable Tax
Recurrent Stationery ItemsLSLSFrameworkAccounts Payable Tax
Recurrent General Supplies &ToolsLSLSRFQAccounts Payable Tax
Recurrent Stationery ItemsLSLSFrameworkRevenue Accounts - Products
Recurrent General Supplies &ToolsLSLSRFQRevenue Accounts - Products
Recurrent Office Cleaning Services (Exhauster and laundry services of dust coats & PPEs)LSLSFrameworkAdministration GA Facilities
Recurrent Ground MaintenanceLSLSFrameworkAdministration GA Facilities
Recurrent Maintenance of Domestic & Office BuildingsLSLSRFQAdministration GA Facilities
Recurrent Pest Control & FumigationLSLSFramework Administration GA Facilities
Recurrent Water Charges (Drinking Water)LSLSFramework Administration GA Facilities
Recurrent General Supplies & ToolsLSLSRestricted/RRQAdministration GA Facilities
Recurrent Consultancy Fees (Provision for consultancy fee for Development of KPC Office/land use Requirement MasterPlan)LSLSRFP /Design CompetitionAdministration GA Facilities
Recurrent Stationery ItemsLSLSFrameworkAdministration GA Facilities
Recurrent Consultancy Fees (Provision for Kenya National Archives and Documentation Services (KNADS) clearance for Records Disposal)LSLSDirect Procurement/RFQAdministration GA Facilities
Recurrent Office cleaning servicesLSLSFrameworkAdministration
Recurrent Garbage Collection servicesLSLSFrameworkAdministration
Recurrent Courier servicesLSLSFrameworkAdministration
Recurrent Consultancy for assessment of residential & Office SpaceLSLSOpenAdministration
Recurrent Repair & Maintenance of residential propertiesLSLSFrameworkAdministration
Recurrent Repairs and MaintenanceLSLSOpen Airwing
Recurrent Fuel and LubricantsLSLSRestrictedAirwing
Recurrent HangarageLSLSRestrictedAirwing
Recurrent General Supplies &ToolsLSLSRFQAirwing
Recurrent Stationery ItemsLSLSFramework Airwing
Recurrent Right of Way MaintenanceLSLSFramework/Restricted /Direct/RFQCivil Enginering and Building
Recurrent Maintenance of Industrial BuildingsLSLSFramework/Restricted /Direct/RFQCivil Enginering and Building
Recurrent Plant and EquipmentLSLSFramework/Restricted /Direct/RFQCivil Enginering and Building
Recurrent Additives and ChemicalsLSLSRestricted /Direct/RFQCivil Enginering and Building
Recurrent General Stores and ToolsLSLSRFQCivil Enginering and Building
Recurrent Stationary ItemsLSLSRFQCivil Enginering and Building
Recurrent KPC @50 CelebrationLSLSRestricted /RFQCorporate Communication
Recurrent Promotional MaterialsLSLSRestricted /RFQCorporate Communication
Recurrent Branding & Corporate ImageLSLSRFPCorporate Communication
Recurrent Consultancy ServicesLSLSRFPCorporate Communication
Recurrent Staff EngagementLSLSRestricted/Direct /RFQCorporate Communication
Recurrent Sporting ExpensesLSLSRestricted/Direct /RFQCorporate Communication
Recurrent ASK ShowsLSLSRFQCorporate Communication
Recurrent General Supplies & ToolsLSLSRFQCorporate Communication
Recurrent Stationery ItemsLSLSFramework Corporate Communication
Recurrent KPC @50 LSLSRestricted /RFQCorporate Communication
Recurrent Pipeline maintenance/sparesLSLSOpen/Framework/Restricted /Direct/RFQCorrosion Control
Recurrent General Supplies and ToolsLSLSRFQCorrosion Control
Recurrent Plant & Equipment / Outside contractorsLSLSRFQCorrosion Control
Recurrent Lubricating Oils & Greases.LSLSRFQCorrosion Control
Recurrent Stationery ItemsLSLSFramework Corrosion Control
Recurrent Customer service-ConferenceLSLSRestricted/RFQCustomer Relations and Marketing
Recurrent Advertising & PublicityLSLSRFQCustomer Relations and Marketing
Recurrent Business PromotionsLSLSRestricted/RFQCustomer Relations and Marketing
Recurrent Stationery ItemsLSLSFramework Customer Relations and Marketing
Recurrent General Supplies &ToolsLSLSRFQCustomer Relations and Marketing
Recurrent Consultancy FeesLSLSRFQCustomer Relations and Marketing
Recurrent General Supplies and ToolsLSLSRFQDrawing Office
Recurrent Stationery ItemsLSLSFramework Drawing Office
Recurrent Plant & Equipment MaintenanceLSLSRFQDrawing Office
Recurrent Pipeline Maintenance/Electrical sparesLSLSOpen/Restricted/Direct/RFQElectrical
Recurrent Plant & Equipment / Outside contractorsLSLSOpen/Restricted/Direct/RFQElectrical
Recurrent General Supplies & ToolsLSLSRFQElectrical
Recurrent Lubricating Oils & Greases.LSLSRFQElectrical
Recurrent HSE ConsumablesLSLSRFQElectrical
Recurrent Stationery ItemsLSLSFrameworkElectrical
Recurrent Rehabilitation Works of Lightning Arresters for Line 5 Mombasa Stations (Kipevu-PS14 and Changamwe-PS1)LSLSRestricted TenderElectrical
Recurrent Stationery Items LSLSFramework ContractEnterprise Risk Management
Recurrent General Supplies & ToolsLSLSRequest For QuotationEnterprise Risk Management
Recurrent Repairs and MaintenanceLSLSRestricted/Direct/RFQFleet Maintenance
Recurrent Lubrication OilsLSLSRestricted/Direct/RFQFleet Maintenance
Recurrent General Supplies & ToolsLSLSRFQFleet Maintenance
Recurrent HSE ConsumablesLSLSRFQFleet Maintenance
Recurrent Stationery ItemsLSLSFrameworkFleet Maintenance
Recurrent FOC MaintenanceLSLSFramework/Restricted/ RFQFOC
Recurrent Stationery Items LSLSFramework ContractFoundation Department
Recurrent General Supplies & ToolsLSLSRequest For QuotationFoundation Department
Recurrent HSE ConsumablesLSLSRestricted/Framework/RFQHealth Safety and Environment
Recurrent Consultancy FeesLSLSRestricted/Framework/RFQHealth Safety and Environment
Recurrent Statutory ObligationsLSLSRestricted/Framework/RFQHealth Safety and Environment
Recurrent Enviroment/Safety ActivitiesLSLSRestricted/Framework/RFQHealth Safety and Environment
Recurrent Industrial Building Maintenance LSLSRestrictedHealth Safety and Environment
Recurrent General Supplies & ToolsLSLSRestricted/RFQHealth Safety and Environment
Recurrent Fire Fighting EquipmentLSLSRestricted/Framework/RFQHealth Safety and Environment
Recurrent Team BuildingLSLSRestricted/Framework/RFQHealth Safety and Environment
Recurrent Stationery ItemsLSLSFramework Health Safety and Environment
Recurrent Consultancy ServicesLSLSRFPHuman Resource GA- Non Payroll
Recurrent Stationery ItemsLSLSFramework Human Resource GA- Non Payroll
Recurrent General Supplies & ToolsLSLSRFQHuman Resource GA- Non Payroll
Recurrent Stationery ItemsLSLSFramework Human Resource Talent Management
Recurrent General Supplies & ToolsLSLSRFQHuman Resource Talent Management
Recurrent Staff Assistance/Wellness-Staff EngagementLSLSRestricted/RFQHuman Resource Welfare
Recurrent General Supplies &ToolsLSLSRestricted/RFQHuman Resource Welfare
Recurrent Staff UniformsLSLSOpenHuman Resource Welfare
Recurrent Occupational HealthLSLSFramework Human Resource Welfare
Recurrent Stationery ItemsLSLSFramework Human Resource Welfare
Recurrent Laundry & Waste DisposalLSLSRestricted/RFQHuman Resource Welfare
Recurrent Office EquipmentLSLSRFQHuman Resource Welfare
Recurrent Training Needs AssessmentLSLSOpen TenderHuman Resource
Recurrent Pre-Retirement TraningEA100Restricted Human Resource
Recurrent Employee Satisfaction surveyLSLSRestricted Human Resource
Recurrent Culture Audit Baseline SurveyLSLSRestricted Human Resource
Recurrent Recruitment AgencyLSLSRestricted Human Resource
Recurrent Licences and FeesLSLSDirect/Restricted Information Communication and Technology
Recurrent Data Centre SupportLSLSDirect/Restricted Information Communication and Technology
Recurrent Consultancy Fees/External Support Services (SLAs)LSLSOpen/Restricted Information Communication and Technology
Recurrent Internet servicesLSLSOpen/Restricted Information Communication and Technology
Recurrent WAN backupLSLSOpen/Restricted Information Communication and Technology
Recurrent External support /SLALSLSOpen/Restricted Information Communication and Technology
Recurrent Office Equipment Maintenance LSLSRestricted/RFQInformation Communication and Technology
Recurrent Disaster Recovery ServiceLSLSRestricted/RFQInformation Communication and Technology
Recurrent General Supplies & ToolsLSLSRFQInformation Communication and Technology
Recurrent Stationery Items-LSLSFramework Information Communication and Technology
Recurrent Plant & Equipment / Outside contractorsLSLSOpen /Framework /Restricted/Direct/RFQInstrumentation and Control
Recurrent Quality Management System ExpensesLSLSOpen /Framework /Restricted/Direct/RFQInstrumentation and Control
Recurrent Fuel Facs MaintenanceLSLSOpen/RestrictedInstrumentation and Control
Recurrent Pipeline MaintenanceLSLSOpen /Restricted/RFQInstrumentation and Control
Recurrent Tank Gauging LSLSDirect/Restricted/RFQInstrumentation and Control
Recurrent Fire fighting Equipment LSLSRestrictedInstrumentation and Control
Recurrent General Supplies & ToolsLSLSRFQInstrumentation and Control
Recurrent Lubricating oilsLSLSDirect/RFQInstrumentation and Control
Recurrent SationeryLSLSFrameworkInstrumentation and Control
Recurrent Consultancy ServicesLS`LSRFPInternal Audit
Recurrent Departmental Retreats LS`LSRestricted Internal Audit
Recurrent Stationery ItemsLSLSFramework Internal Audit
Recurrent General Supplies & Tools LS`LSRFQInternal Audit
Recurrent Office Furniture/EquipmentLSLSRFQKPC Fitness Center
Recurrent General Supplies and ToolsLSLSRFQKPC Fitness Center
Recurrent General Supplies & ToolsLSLSRFQKPC Volleball Team
Recurrent Sporting Expenses (Sports uniform)LSLSRFQKPC Volleball Team
Recurrent Conference FacilityLSLSRestricted KTNL
Recurrent System IntergrationLSLSRFQKTNL
Recurrent Legal AuditLSLSRestricted Secretariat
Recurrent Governance AuditLSLSRFQSecretariat
Recurrent Team BuildingLSLSRFQSecretariat
Recurrent Stationery ItemsLSLSFramework Secretariat
Recurrent General stores and consumables and non-stock itemsLSLSRFQSecretariat
Recurrent Periodicals, Publications LSLSRFQMIOG Library
Recurrent Stationery ItemsLSLSFramework MIOG Library
Recurrent General Supplies and ToolsLSLSRFQMIOG Library
Recurrent Consultancy Services for review of the MIOG masterplan and business strategy LSLSRFP/Restricted MIOG
Recurrent Food & Beverage for StudentsLS`LSRestricted /Direct /RFQMIOG
Recurrent General Supplies and ToolsLSLSRFQMIOG
Recurrent HSE consumablesLSLSRestricted/RFQMIOG
Recurrent Training Conferences and Seminars on Centre of Excellence for Oil & Gas Pipelines. LSLSRestricted/RFQMIOG
Recurrent Branding & Promotional MaterialsLSLSRFQMIOG
Recurrent Laboratory ConsumablesLS`LSRFQMIOG
Recurrent Stationery ItemsLSLSFramework MIOG
Recurrent Pipeline Maintenance SparesLSLSOpen/Restricted/Direct/RFQMechanical
Recurrent Plant & Equipment - Maintenance /Specialized Jobs & Outside ContractorsLSLSOpen/Restricted/Direct/RFQMechanical
Recurrent Lubricating OilsLSLSDirect/Restricted/ RFQMechanical
Recurrent General Supplies and ToolsLSLSRestricted/Request For QuotationMechanical
Recurrent Repairs and Maintenance (maintenance of lifts installed in Kenpipe plaza)LSLSFramework/Restricted/ RFQMechanical
Recurrent Safety consumablesLSLSRFQMechanical
Recurrent Stationery ItemsLSLSFramework Mechanical
Recurrent M&E Sessions-Venue and Conference facilitiesNo.3Restricted /RFQMonitoring and Evaluation
Recurrent Stationery ItemsLSLSFramework Monitoring and Evaluation
Recurrent General Supplies & ToolsLSLSRFQMonitoring and Evaluation
Recurrent Food & Beverage-MTCCLSLSRestricted /Framework /RFQMTCC
Recurrent General Supplies & House KeepingLSLSRestricted /Framework /RFQMTCC
Recurrent Office TeaLSLSFramework/RFQMTCC
Recurrent Fuel & LubricantsLSLSRestricted/Direct/RFQMTCC
Recurrent Industrial Building Maintenance LSLSFramework/RFQMTCC
Recurrent Maintenance of DOMLSLSRFQMTCC
Recurrent StationeryLSLSFramework/RFQMTCC
Recurrent Staff uniformLSLSRFQMTCC
Recurrent Office CleaningLSLSFramework MTCC
Recurrent Pest Control & Fumigation LSLSFramework/RFQMTCC
Recurrent Water ExpensesLSLSFramework/RFQMTCC
Recurrent Additives and ChemicalsLSLSDirect ProcurementMTCC
Recurrent Office Equipment and Guest Furniture MaintenanceLSLSRFQMTCC
Recurrent Additives and ChemicalsLS1Open/Restricted Operations
Recurrent Filter elements for Jet A 1 TransfersLSLSFramework/DirectOperations
Recurrent Pipeline Maintenance-Replacement of Pig discs and cups for pigging exercise LSLSFramework/Restricted/RFQOperations
Recurrent General Supplies and Tools-Operations consumables and tools, Batteries for use of the existing digital thermometer cables,Flame proof torches and Dipping tapes Lot1RFQOperations
Recurrent HSE ConsumablesLS1RFQOperations
Recurrent Stationery Items-Dip tickets,Metered tickets, Handover Books ,Fans rolls ,Bill of Lading books,Gatepasses, OPS36,Counter books,Pocket note books,Counter books, Pocket note books, JET A-1 Advice book ,Photocopy Papers and Toners/CatridgesLS1Framework ContractOperations
Recurrent Plant and Equipment Maintenance-Purchase of Hoses, Couplings, Digital Thermometers and probesLot 1RFQOperations
Recurrent Management RetreatLS`LSRestricted/RFQPlanning
Recurrent Stationery ItemsLS`LSFramework Planning
Recurrent General Supplies & ToolsLSLSRFQPlanning
Recurrent AGPO SensitizationLSLSRestricted/RFQProcurement
Recurrent Disposal of idle, obsolete and unserviceable assets and hazardious materials related costs for auctioneer services and NEMA Licenced Disposal ProvidersLSLSRestricted/Direct/RFQProcurement
Recurrent Team BuildingLSLSRFQProcurement
Recurrent StationeryLSLSFramework Procurement
Recurrent Management RetreatLSLSRFQProcurement
Recurrent General Supplies & ToolsLSLSRFQProcurement
Recurrent Team BuildingLSLSRestrictedProjects Construction
Recurrent Stationery ItemsLSLSFramework Projects Construction
Recurrent General Supplies & ToolsLSLSRFQProjects Construction
Recurrent Projects Workshop ConfrencesLSLSRFQProjects Research Planning and Design
Recurrent StationeryLSLSFramework Projects Research Planning and Design
Recurrent General Supplies and ToolsLSLSRFQProjects Research Planning and Design
Recurrent Public Integrity-Conference FacilitiesLSLSRFQPublic Service Intefgrity Programme
Recurrent General Supplies & ToolsLSLSRFQPublic Service Intefgrity Programme
Recurrent StationeryLSLSFramework Public Service Intefgrity Programme
Recurrent Consultancy Services LSLSRFP/Restricted Projects
Recurrent Consultancy fees (IMS Certification and Implementation of MRM Resolutions)LSLSRRFQ/Restricted/Direct Quality Assutance
Recurrent Stationery itemsLSLSFramework Quality Assutance
Recurrent General Supplies and ToolsLSLSRFQQuality Assutance
Recurrent Pipeline Maintenance SparesLSLSFramework/Restricted /Direct /RFQQuality Control
Recurrent Quality Management System auditLSLSRFPQuality Control
Recurrent Team BuildingLSLSRestricted/RFQQuality Control
Recurrent Quality Assurance AuditLSLSRFQQuality Control
Recurrent Additives and ChemicalsLSLSRFQQuality Control
Recurrent Laboratory Glassware and EquipmentLSLSRFQQuality Control
Recurrent General Supplies & ToolsLSLSRFQQuality Control
Recurrent Stationery ItemsLSLSFramework Quality Control
Recurrent Stationery Items LSLSFramework Revenue Accounting stock control
Recurrent General Supplies & ToolsLSLSRFQRevenue Accounting stock control
Recurrent ROW MaintenanceLSLSRestricted/RFQRight of Way
Recurrent General Supplies & ToolsLSLSRFQRight of Way
Recurrent Stationery ItemsLSLSFramework Right of Way
Recurrent Aerial and Boundary markers LSLSRestricted TenderRight of Way
Recurrent Outside Security HireLSLSOpen TenderSecurity
Recurrent General Supplies & ToolsLSLSRFQSecurity
Recurrent StationeryLSLSFramework Security
Recurrent Team BuildingLSLSRFQSupply Logistics
Recurrent StationeryLSLSFramework Supply Logistics
Recurrent Fuel and LubricantsLSLSFramework Transport
Recurrent General M/V ExpensesLSLSRFQTransport
Recurrent StationeryLSLSFramework Transport
Description of Goods Unit Quantity Procurement Method Section