Our commitment to our stakeholders and improving quality of lives of communities surrounding our installations is central to our corporate identity. We always endeavor to have a positive impact on society through improving the lives of individuals, groups and communities while at the same time enhancing our corporate image and brand. This is why one percent (1%) of the Company’s post -tax profits from the preceding year is set aside for Corporate Social Investment (CSI) programs. For us, reaching out to communities along the pipeline Right of Way through actively contributing to their socio-economic development constitutes our core agenda. The CSI programme is alive to this fact and over the years, we have supported weaker sections of society by increasing their capacities and potential.

Our CSI programme focuses on the following:

  • Empowerment of Youth, Women and Persons With Disabilities
  • Education
  • Health and Sanitation
  • Provision of Clean Water
  • Sports; Energy Conservation and Environment Restoration
  • Emergencies

The KPC fraternity continues to volunteer their skills, time and funds towards community projects as a way of investing in the communities adjacent to our pipeline network.

The KPC ladies’ volleyball team remains the Company’s signature CSI project. The volleyball queens have helped place the Company and the country on the world map through their various achievements in both local and international tournaments. In building this team, we utilize the raw volleyball talent in the country and commit to nurture and grow it through the trailblazing volleyball team. The sports ladies are accorded space to continue with their passion for sport while creating for them other opportunities for growth. Indeed, our volleyball team has not only galvanized the KPC family but has also been a source of national pride for Kenya and Africa.