What We Do

KPC offers the following services:

1.    Transportation.
2.    Storage.
3.    Loading.
4.    Receiving from our stakeholders, storing, transporting, and dispensing the following refined petroleum products:-

•     Unleaded Motor Gasoline (Premium Grade).
•     Unleaded Motor Gasoline (Regular Grade).
•     Automotive Gas Oil (Diesel).
•     Illuminating Kerosene Jet A-1 (Aviation Turbine fuel).

5.    Laboratory testing services for quality certification of refined petroleum products.
6.    Receiving and back loading refined petroleum products from and to ships.
7.    Transferring of refined petroleum products to oil marketers’ depots.
8.    Facilitating fuelling of aircrafts through the hydrant system at Moi and Jomo Kenyatta International Airports.
9.    Dispensing of refined petroleum products for local and export markets.
10.    We give back to society by engaging in Corporate Social Responsibility pro-grammes.