About us

The Northern Corridor Integration Projects are an initiative of the Northern Corridor Regional Heads of States (Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, and South Sudan) to provide direction on deepening regional integration amongst the countries.

During the 2nd the Heads of States of the member states agreed that Centres of Excellence for capacity building be created in order to support the Northern Corridor Integration Projects. Among the Centres proposed, was KPC’s Morendat Training and Conference Center (MTCC).

MTTC was designated a Center of Excellence for Oil & Gas Pipelines during the 7th Summit of the Northern Corridor Integration Projects held in Kampala, Uganda in October 2014, to  develop Human Resource capacity for Partner States in Oil & Gas Pipelines Management, Operations and Maintenance.

The primary objective of designating Centres of Excellence for the Northern Corridor Integration projects is to build human resource capacity in the member states to manage, operate and maintain the projects that are being fast-tracked that include Standard Gauge Railway (SGR), Oil & Gas Pipelines, Refineries, Power Transmission and Distribution among others. It was observed that the region was less endowed with the required human resource capacity required for the identified projects and relied on foreign expertise.

The other designated Centres of Excellence in Kenya are Bandari College (Mombasa), Kenya Institute of Survey and Mapping (Nairobi), East African School of Aviation (Nairobi), Railways Training Institute (Nairobi), Kenya Power Training School (Nairobi), and Geothermal Centre of Excellence (Nakuru).

Course outlines and curricula for capacity building in the oil & gas pipeline sector are being developed for purposes of commencing training of students from the Northern Corridor partner states and course prospectus will be available online.

The Centre of Excellence will advertise the courses on the website where all information regarding programmes shall be posted.