Pipeline Technology Course


Pipeline Technology covers the essential processes leading to construction, operation and Maintaining  an oil and gas pipeline.


Target Group

The Course targets professionals interested in acquiring knowledge and skills in Oil & Gas pipelines.


Objectives of the Course

The objective of this course is to enable participants gain basic knowledge of elements that are essential for the feasibility study, design, construction, operation, and maintenance of pipelines.


Course Content

Introduction to Oil & Gas Pipelines / Feasibility Study



Participants will learn about various approaches and Legal Framework to contracting.



Participants will be trained on Designing pipeline systems requirements and applicable standards (API,ASME,ASTM etc).



Participants will be trained on the major steps to pipeline construction:



Participants will get an insight on the need to provide continuous, safe and reliable delivery of oil and gas products to their customers, without adverse effect on employees, the public and environment.



Participants will be trained to acquire the competency levels required to perform their respective roles. Technical know-how acquired during this course will enable the participants to enhance their knowledge and skills in maintaining oil and gas pipelines.



Minimum Admission Requirements

  • KCSE C Plain Certificate or Equivalent



4 Weeks



  • US$ 2,750 without attachment
  • US$ 3,500 with 4 weeks extra practical attachment